Family Bike Ride to Mitarashi Matsuri Festival Vol2. The Shimogamo Shrine

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Jul 28, 2014 06:30

My family biked to the Shimogamo Shrine. It was a very hot day. We biked there through the Kyoto Imperial Palace garden. When we arrived at the Shrine we parked our bikes at the special bike parking lot for the Mitarashi Matsuri Festival. Other parents also rode their mama bicycles there.

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Of course, some people walked, some people drove and some people biked. This festival is held once in a year and this festival is famous, so tends of thousands of people gather there.

We arrived at 6 P.M. Fortunately there were not so many people at that moment. My family could easily participate in a special ritual to walk into a pond without any shoes.

Briefly speaking, this shrine has over thousand year history and it is said to have a holy power. You are supposed to be prevented from suffering disease. if you walk into the holy pond and successfully do the candle service.

Honestly, my family always participate in the festival as a summer event not to seriously pray. However, my family prayed, especially our younger daughter's temper will be peaceful, hehe.

As always a lot of people walked into the pond. All the people shouted "The water is so cold!". Then they finished the walk for candle service. Even one to two years old toddlers also came there. They were so cute. I remember that my daughters were also so small about several years ago.

After you finish walking in the pond you will drink the holy water sprung at the pond. Ii is said that you will spend a year without having any disease.

My family have successfully finished the walk and we then walked to the Tadasu No Mori Forest to buy something. A lot of stands sold food and drinks for the festival. To be continued at the stands.