Mitarashi みたらし 御手洗

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Jul 29, 2014 05:16

Good morning. It's July 29th, 2014. Today is the first day of acceptance of the entry to the Kyoto Marathon in 2015. I will submit my entry lately. I am going to go jog from now on and I've published today's post. Here is the link to the post: and I copied and pasted the content of the post. I would appreciate it if you have time to correct some of the content. Thank you in advance. ;)

The content

After the candle service procession my family ate the mitarashi dango there. みたらし祭り(Mitarashi Masturi) literally means miatarashi (dango) festival, and mitarashi dango means a Japanese traditional sweet which is made of ride and is dipped with the sweet soy sauce. Mitarashi dango was said to be invented from at the Shimogamo shrine long time ago. I would like to tell you a bit more, みたらし is written 御手洗 in Kanji, and it literally means washing hands. 御手洗池 was the washing hands pond for the emperor in these days. Do you have any imagination from the meaning of Kanji and the candle service in the pond? If you have any question feel free to ask me. ;)

Of course, the mitarashi dango was very delicious.

A lot of people dropped by the stands along the street in the Tadasuno mori forest.

Surprisingly, as time passed by, more people walked towards the pond although it was already 7p.m. There were unexpectedly many people along the street.

My daughters didn't miss the best opportunity. They played some games like catching golden fish, playing with an old shooting balls. That was the typical Japanese summer festival scene!

After one hour in the festival street my family went back home even though tens of thousands of people were still walking around there..

My family and I began to pedal from the bike parking lot. Some people just arrived there to participate in the festival from that time.

I would like to write about the night bike ride to our apartment a bit on the next post. To e continued at the night festival at the Shimogamo shrine.

Today's tips
I like to my daughters to a wild scene like a forest. Is there any forest in your town or near your town? Ii is easy to go there by mama bicycle because you can directly get into the forest and you don't have to pay for any parking lot fee too if necessary, hehe. If any summer festivals like the Miitarashi Festival biking to such a festival would be wonderful. If you don't have such a festival you can walk around in a wild forest when you arrive there. Mama bicycles help you easily do that in everyday life.