Gion Matsuri in 2017

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Jul 22, 2017 17:03

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July is the season of Gion Matsuri festival in Kyoto. I naturally feel good during this season as many of neighbors do. The main night festival took place on 15th of July. It was Saturday, when my youngest daughter and I usually go to the library. So we went there while people just started to walk around the streets. The floats for the big festival were already setup on each street.

No cars were allowed on the streets in the middle of Kyoto city during the main festival. You can't ride bikes from evening when so many people came to the night festival.

My daughter and I cycled to the library before the streets were over-crowded.

I was glad because my youngest daughter seemed as happy in the library as she has been. In fact, you can relax in the library because the temperature was so cool, hehe.

We usually spent 4 hours in the library. But we stop it because the streets would be too crowded to let us go home by bike.

It was 3.P.M. We successfully rode our bikes home. People started to walk.

It was 4.P.M

People no more rode bikes and many pedestrians occupied the streets.

I invited my ex-colleague to walk together on the streets. He and I attend the festival every time. We walk with beer, and we did it. My family separately walked around and then we met together. It was a happy festival day. I was thankful.

Caption : People were taking photos of the mantis float on Nishino Thoin Street.

Caption: My ex-colleague and I walked with Asahi beer