Out Family Bike Ride to a Belt-conveyed Sushi Restaurant in Japan. (A Frequent Topic)

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Jul 25, 2014 05:22

I would like to write about my family bike ride to a belt conveyed sushi restaurant today.

Here is the link to a post: http://mamabicycle.blogspot.jp/2014/07/out-family-bike-ride-to-belt-conveyed.html ,and this post is the content of the other post of my mama bicycle blog.

I talked with an American friend and a couple of Dutch friend and we talked about Japanese food. I took them to one of my favorite ramen shop near my apartment. We really enjoyed the taste of the ramen soup. On the other hand, many of Americans and Dutch people seemed to prefer Sushi to ramen soup in their conversation. Especially, they love Japanese belt conveyed suishi, I totally agree that eating sushi at any belt conveyed sushi restaurants in Japan is non of the above to almost all tourists outside of Japan. So I want to write about it today.

My family and I cycled along Nijyou Street toward Kura Zushi Reataurant near Nijyou Station.

I saw a mama bicycle with an attached umbrella by Sasu Bey Pole. It dad also an additional box between the saddle and the rear child seat. It had a lot of additional functions!

Next to the above bike, there was a simple blackish bike which just had a rear child seat. However, it had an electric motor and the battery. This is getting a popular type.

My family were completely satisfied by the taste of the belt conveyed sushi. You can try the bingo game when you toss a certain number of dishes after you eat them. It is fun.

Today's Tips
Sushi is my family's favorite food and we often go to a sushi restaurant by our mama bicycle. It's convenient for many people to bike to a belt-conveyed sushi restaurant like Kurazushi. Actually, it may be the fastest transportation for some parents who live in cities. Of course, you can go to any other your favorite restaurants with your toddler by your mama bicycle!