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Dec 24, 2014 07:21

Today is the Christmas Eve. Not only the Santa Clause but also some adults like me have to work today, haha. I would like modify a post which I had published on Dec in 2010 today.

I went to a department store with my daughters with my mama bicycle. The temperature was three degree Celsius, very cold so we wore winter clothes and caps when we rode my mama bicycle.

Here are some photos in my blog:

My daughters and my mama bicycle in 2010

It took only fifteen minutes to arrive at a department store. We were on the way to there.

My younger daughter sat in the front

My elder daughter sat in the back.

The department store had some bike parking lots, so I parked my bicycle there. There were many people around the department store and some people rode cars or some people walked to the department store.

Around a department store

We parked the bicycle there.

I was dropping my younger one from the seat.

There are many shops, buildings, and so on nearby my apartment. I can go everywhere easily by my mama bicycle.

My kid and her friend who looked for her bicycle
We arrived at the department store and my daughter's friend and her mom were looking for her bicycle there. (After all we went to an amusement corner where children play video games.)

Thank you for reading. Merry Christmas Eve.