I am collecting information necessary to ship an electric Anjelino to a mother in Chile チリへの出荷のための情報収集

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Jul 15, 2014 05:12
Notification:I wrote Japanese first quickly and I also wrote English quickly, so please think that Japanese are your reference. :) Here is the link to the post in English http://mamabicycle.blogspot.jp/2014/07/i-am-collecting-information-necessary.html and the body with English and Japanese. Thank you for your reading in advance.

A mother who lives in Chile contacted me saying that she wants to buy an electric
Anjelino, so I am searching for information necessary to successfully ship it to Chile.
いまチリに住むお母さんからのオーダーでチリへのmama bicycleの出荷の可能性を検討しています

Chile is the first destination so I contacted the international shipping department of Japan Post to confirm whether I can ship an electric bike to Chile by ship. Speaking of staffs of Japan Post, when it comes to the international mail of an electric bike, almost all of them were not able to clearly answer the possibility. It was the bitter experiences. However, I had a good staff who told me the clear answer, and I called him. Unfortunately he changed his department. Other staff told me the answer instead of him. He told me NO. I cant ship it bu SHIP.

Unable to ship it bu SHIP means you can't ship a bike with lithium battery bu ship, but you can ship it buy AIR. Speaking of the shipping fee, air needs 65,000 yen even if it is an economic air, and ship needs only 25,000 yen.

It was a shame considering that the mother wants to buy an electric Anjelino from Chile.

To tell you the background, the mother needs the Anjelino from December when the summer comes in Chile, so shipping by ship would be a great idea. It is the cheapest and she can wait for a long period, for one to three months.

I sent an e-mail to her to tell the sad result. Afterwards, I noticed that I has shipped a lithium battery to a family who lives in Portland Oregon when I asked it to a special private shipping company.

Soon after that I sent e-mail her again and she replied with happiness.

I contacted the special shipping company to confirm that they could ship a lithium battery to Chile. They replied YES. It probably costs 10,000 yen. So I can organize a reasonable shipment to combine the international ship mail and the other special company to ship a lithium battery.

I have to yet search for the related regulations in Chile, but I got some good information to go forward.