We went to Shin Pu Kan Mall while the Gion Matsuri Festival was being held

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Jul 23, 2014 07:18
Morning. I've just published a post and here is the link to it: http://mamabicycle.blogspot.jp/2014/07/we-went-to-shin-pu-kan-mall-while-gion.html Today is the middle of the second Gion Matsuri Festival days. I would apppreciate it if you would correct some of the contents.
Friends from Dutch and USA may see me here during the festival days. Anyway, I hope that they spend wonderful time here.

-The contents of my post today

I took my daughters to a mall called Shin puu kan in Kyoto. The second Gion Matsuri has really started. A lot of the festival floats were built everywhere on the weekend, and thousands of people came back to the great street festival. Whoever would come here no doubt they feel the exact atmosphere of this festival. I completely changed my mind to be willing to participate the festival again with pleasure.

As for visiting the mall, it's relaxing mainly because the air conditioned rooms made us cool, hehe. Furthermore, some of the shops made us concentrate on some interesting goods. Especially, my daughters stated long at a special zakka store. Zakka means the store deals with a variety of daily goods. The store sells a lot of bit weird stuff. I liked this kind of the zakka store in Tokyo about 25 years ago. So my daughters seem to be interested in the zakka ya.

I stole time to drink a cup of alcohols with the sound of a live music there while my daughters were getting into zakla in the zakka ya, hehe.

We finally bought a special book which might make our eye sight level revive through viewing it. We paid each one coin to park our bikes at the bike parking lot. It's very cheap. Yeah, it was fun.

Today's Tips
Malls are good place to take your children by mama bicycles. Toddlers look at everything interestingly there, so you don't (always) need to take them to the Disney Land. It's important to go out home with them to relax you and your children just for a few hours a day. You don't always need to buy something at the mall. You can spend time with children. No doubt, such a day is a precious piece of life of you.