I took a week off to help my mother to take care of my father.

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Dec 15, 2014 08:37
I took a week off to help my mother to take care of my father. He doesn't well because of multiple diseases, especially Alzhimers disease. I also took my daughters to my parents' home. It approximately takes two hour train away from our apartment to them. As for the transportation, we took a bus first. It took us to the Kyoto Station for fifteen minutes although we waited the coming bus for fifteen minutes. Then, we took a train to Nagaha Station for one hour. The weather forecast said that it would snow on the weekend, so I stopped the plan to rent a pooled car. From the Nagahama Station we took a bus again to their home. It took half an hour. It was somehow helpful for me to get there comparing to the pooled car because my hands were free to do something in a train. I could updated my blog there, hehe. What the most beneficial to me that I didn't have the long drive. Driving for two hours makes me a bit becoming tired. Back to my original story, my daughters and I could spend time with my parents. My father has little memories of us, but I appreciated that we stayed besides him.
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