Karaoke is a good option when you spend time with your children in Kyoto (Japan)

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Nov 22, 2013 05:54
This post is written both in English and in natural casual phrases in Japanese.

My daughters and I cycled to karaoke in downtown, Kawaramachi in Kyoto. We went to a bike parking lot before arriving at the karaoke bar.

There were so many users at the parking lot that we couldn't easily park our mama bicycle there. Every advertisements told us "fully parked". We waited for 15 minutes to use it.

Speaking of karaoke, it should be a very good option when you spend time with your children. It's very fun. My daughters didn't stop singing there all the time.

Furthermore, you don't have to pay much. You only pay JPY1000 (HK$80) when you and two children spend two hours with free drink.

Speaking of the general price level in Hong Kong, it's cheaper than Japan except the real estate rent charge. The fee of public transportations like bus and train is especially cheaper in Hong Kong than in Japan. The first fee of bus and train is HK$4 (JPY60) in Hong Kong, JPY220 (HK$15) in Japan. You should take bus and train instead of riding your bike in Hong Kong, right? But, you should sing in Kyoto Japan, not in Honhg Kong.

Link to this blog post: http://mamabicycle.blogspot.jp/2013/11/karaoke-is-good-option-when-you-spend.html