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Jul 26, 2014 07:14
Good morning. Today is July 26th, 2014. It's still very hot and humid in Kyoto. I am going to go jog and I've published a blog, and here is the link to my blog :
I would appreciate it if you would correct some of my writing below. Thank you.

-The contents

A lot of bikes were neatly parked along the bike parking lot at Umeda Station in Osaka.
I went to Osaka the other day. I participated in a business seminar held in the Hilton Hotel at Umeda, Osaka.

I saw the skyscrapers in Umeda, Osaka from the fifth floor of the Hankyu Building.

I am an experienced certificated public accountant who has been working for investigating companies. This seminar was held by M&A Center.

There were a lot of participants. They completely occupied the large hotel room. In Japan, the number of population will absolutely decrease, especially of the young generation. A lot of private companies are facing the crisis that they could not succeed their business to their children. That's why they were really concerned about successing their business to the next generations. I can understand this situation in Japan. I hope I could help them when I work as a certified public accountant.

The Hilton Hotel was old and elegant.

I had little time to stay at Umeda after I finished listening to the talk of the seminar. So I had a little opportunity to take pictures of mama bicycles there that day. As an enthusiastic mama bicycle seller I could not stop taking no picture of mama bicycles so this was the only mama bicycle that I could take picture of. I believe mama bicycles will last forever in Japan as one of the most convenient tools to raise children. I hope people living outside of Japan could ride them in the future. I hope that I will continue to sell them by myself even though I am the only Japanese individual to do that!

Today's Tips
Have you heard of the Japanese cities' name, Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto? A lot of Japanese parents in cities ride their mama bicycles in general. Mama bicycles are developed from mama chari bikes. Mamachari (bikes) are the convenient vehicles to move in short distance within 2 or 3 miles. You don't need to drive in cities, especially when you raise your toddlers.