Merry Christmast Everyone.

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Dec 24, 2017 14:33

Hello everyone. Long time no see. It has been three months and three weeks since I last posted on my mama bicycle blog, and on Lang8. Today is 24th of December 2017, the Christmas-eve. I wish your Merry Christmas!

This post is link to my mama bicycle blog, You can see it to the link. Thank you. :)

Could you let me introduce myself during the previous days. I actually invested myself for investing. I started to go to a financial education school and I started a real investment for Foreign Currency trading. It was very tough experience for me, and I felt certain failure. But, I decided to continue them. I also focus on controlling my instinct and spirit, my mind, and my feeling by myself. I also started Sedona methodology by reading his book in Japanese. I hope someday I will start mama bicycle selling around the world after I control my self and my physical asset. I would like to expand the Sedona methodorogy to help others who also have worries and want to avoid them.

I just want to write about my days on every weekend. In fact, I have been going to a public library and a cafe like Starbucks with my youngest daughter. On EVERY Saturday. I've started changing my spirit and my feeling by myself, and I've started to let my every feeling go. So I just feel thankful to spend time with my youngest daughter.

My father died, my daughters grow up to live by themselves. I accept these facts with thankful mind withought my feelings that occue from my instinct, my spirit. I will. 

Here is a small tips to you in Kyoto. The first photo is from Karasuma Kyoto hotel. My youngest daughter and I often come to the hotel to visit the Starbucks next to it. You can park your bikes at the hidden bike park of the hotel for free. You can go to the Staabucks without bike parking charge. :) Merry Christmas!

The path to the hidden bike park from Karasyuma Street.

The bike park is the edge of the car park of the hotel.

You go into the hotel  from the back door of the hotel.

You walk though the hotel lobby to the Starbucks.

You enter the Starbucks from the slide door.

Merry Christmas from the Starbucks.



この投稿はぼくのブログ mama bicycle と連動しています。ブログのリンクはこちらです。

近況報告をさせてくださいね。投資のために自己投資を始めました。投資の学校に通い、実際FXを始めたり。僕にはとてもしんどい経験でした。失敗もしたと思う。でも、続けるつもりです。それから、自分の感情(欲求、感情)をセルフコントロールすることに集中することも始めることにしました。セドナメソッドを彼の書いた日本語の本を読んで始めたんです。自分と、資産をコントロールした後は、いつかまた まま自転車を世界で販売したいです。



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