Yesterday was the final day of the Gion Matsuri Festival

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Jul 18, 2014 05:07
The great parade was ready to start at the Shijyou Karasuma intersection.
Yesterday was the final day of the Gion Matsuri.Festival The festival vehicles were pulled by the residents living here. The weight of each vehicle called Hoko, which has a long pole soaring in the sky, is 11 ton, very heavy. They are completely made from wood. So this historical parade is completely owed by the human power collected from each of the participants. Great.

Please take a look on the post which shows you a lot of photos of the final festival : and here is the contents of the post

Fortunately, I am used to watching the parade out of the window from my office. Literally, it is the sight seeing from the high place.

However, I basically worked at the office. So the sight seeing was a peer for a second.

When I walked back home for lunch I saw the parade again. (I always go home for lunch) The route of the parade includes the narrow street Shinmachi Street. I just stopped to give it a look while one of the festival vehicles passed over.

I think it is very interesting to see the parade very closely.

I think you may be able to understand the speed of the parade from the consecutive photos of the moving Hoko above. It was very slow and bravery.
The great festival finished. I'll probably participate in the Gion Matsuri next year too. OK. I will go back writing about mama bicycles!