My thought beside my dying father.

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May 5, 2017 13:26
I've written down my thought in Japanese first. The written sentence would be rather long. So you don't need to correct all of them.

Now my father is almost dead. The other day my uncle died. I attended the funeral. My nephew was the chief of the ceremony. I I thought that I would be the chief for my father's funeral.
My father's health condition has become crucial lately.
I thought he would spend long time in a nursing home while my mother had a big surgery on this January.
After that his health condition got very bad and this week he is about to die. Of coarse I have a lot of memories with him. On the other hand he hasn't have any memories with me during two years. For recent several months he just sat and slept and for recent two weeks he stopped eating. However, there is no difference between normal people and him in living a life. The fact seems to make me feel that people have to do what they should do while they are good in their health condition. There are good and bad aspects from leaving a life without intention, robust and unique intentions. Of course I should not ignore the importance of being alive because of God or something great. I've believed that I should do what I believe is more precious without hesitation. I should paying attention to my live to 80 or 90 yrars old with good health