Gion Matsuri vehicles have been begun to be prepared in front of Owl Cafe

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Jul 14, 2014 04:57
Gion Matsuri is here in Kyoto. I couldn't stop writing about it. Here is the link to a post: would appreciate it if you would read it and correct some in the body. Thank you in advance.

The body

Caption: Some Hoko(The Festival Vehicles) miniatures were displayed in Owl Cafe to await the Gion Festival
My daughters and I went to Owl Cafe which is one of the cafes we frequently go to on every weekend. I saw some miniatures of festival vehicles of the Gion Matsuri. The festival is one of the three biggest Japanese festivals and it has been lasted for over 1400 years.

My daughters like to go to the cafe, so we are used to visiting it approximately two times a month..

I also like to go there to have a sandwiches meal set.

You can eat all the meals which the cafe owners make by themselves. The prices are somewhat higher that that of Veloce, but the prices are absolutely welcome by my family.

After eating the meal sets my daughters began to do their homework and I helped them with their tasks on the weekend.

While we were doing our weekend routine we heard some festival sound hilariously. It sounded beyond the door.

It was the first ceremony of the festival to prepare for the festival vehicle. The festival vehicles of the Giom Matsuri are Hoko and Yama. They are crafted only by wooden parts and they are assembled ans appear along streets only for a week, during the festival period. However, from this year, the festival period changes and the duration period expands from one week to two weeks.

The first ceremony seemed to successfully finish. It's a shame that the festival period doesn't hit any weekend and will be held only in weekdays. As for me I don't think I can ride my mama bicycle with my daughter during this period. I may not fully write about the great festivals on my mama bicycle blog for the first time in four years. However, everyone should enjoy the great festival!

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