Family Bike Ride to Kawaramachi Area in Kyoto 1/2

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Jul 19, 2014 07:21
Gion Matsuri Festival has finished. To tell you the truth, the half remaining of the festival revives next week. This revive has occur since the last half remaining part of the festival was held 50 years ago. However, the usual festival has been the first half part of this year and I feel the usual Gion Matsuri has actually come to the end. Anyway, I will write about our family bike ride from today.

Here is the link to the post : I will copy and past the content of the post to here.

-The content

My elder daughter completely cycles by herself. Only my younger daughter still sits in the rear seat. We did that on the weekend too. Aw, let me tell about this usual event after the historical event :)

We cycled eastward along Takoyakushi Street. We headed downtown Kyoto, Kawaramachi. There are some hilarious streets, Teramachi Street, Shinkyougoku Street and Kawaramachi Street. If you travel Kyoto you can buy something special there. (If you would like to buy something I don't stop you to go to Osaka which has much more streets and buildings for shopping.)

Caption: We arrived at Shinkyougoku Street.

Caption: A lot of people walk along Shinkyougoku Street.

Caption: Teramachi Street runs next to Shinkyougoku Street.

We pushed our bikes to across Shinkyougoku Street and Terakachi Street. We continued to cycle eastward to Kawaramashi Street.

A lot of people walked along the sidewalk of Kawaramachi Street.

We searched for a public bike parking lot and went to an usual place. I expected that the parking lot was full. My bad expectation was correct. We need to search for another parking lot.

Caption: 満車: Full of bikes

Today's Tips
I would like to talk about the typical use of mama bicycles. I wrote about our family bike ride to downtown. It's my family's typical destination. It takes 15 minutes. It's not so far to get there. However, if you have a toddler it's very convenient to take them to such a place by a mama bicycle. You will set your self free from holding them all the time, Toddler is not good at walk for a long time. They can walk after arriving at a destination. :)