Veloce in Karasuma Kyoto is our weekend routine (On Dec in 2014)

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Dec 27, 2014 06:40
My daughters and I biked to the Veloce in Karasuma Kyoto. We restarted going there again after I was back from Hong Kong two weeks ago. This has been our routine on the weekend since 2011.

Here are some photos:

Compared to a photo taken on Dec in 2012 I took them there when I seat two of them in the front and in the back of my mama bicycle. Now they have really grown up.

On Dec in 2012
I fortunately keep being there to have breakfast and their home work teacher every weekend for three years. I want to continue this routine for at least three years.

My younger daughter loves very sweet snack bread. To tell the truth, the preference is the same of me.

After breakfast we started home work at the cafe.