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Jun 14, 2018 10:04
I would like to talk about one of my current topics. Yesterday, I attended to a video meeting. I was an adviser from my team. The video conference was held through Zoom app which connected all the attendances on internet. The counter was consisted of five persons who were consisted of an American, a Taiwanese, an Egyptian and others. The number of our team was three, including me.

Our team had a lady who worked as a sales person in Tokyo and she was fluent in English. I was assigned as an interpriter and a financial and strategic adviser. I always talked with the counter part when they came to Osaka last month. I was a only person who could speak English well in our team back then.

But, on this web meeting, the woman of our team was much more fluent than I. So I didn't speak much.

Anyway, I think this business has a good aspect which helps worrying people. I feel the aspect is important. So I wold like to continue my effort to the business development.