Family Bike Ride to Mitarashi Matsuri Festival Vol1. The Hottest Day

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Jul 27, 2014 05:38

It was the hottest day since the summer had begun. However, my family had decided to participate in a summer festival in Kyoto called Mitarashi Matsuri Festival. We left our apartment. It's too hot to stay. I bought two cans of cold tea for my daughters.

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As you notice from the picture of Oike Street there were no cloud and the sunshine was very strong. It was a very hot day,

On the way I chose a route to prevent the sun shine while pedaling. I then chose the route via the Kyoto Imperial Palace gardens. No way, it was too hot to cycle under the sunshine.

Caption: This path was the side walk of Karasuma Street along the Kyoto Imperial Palace

We stepped in the Kyoto Imperial Palace to find the way of a lot of green. The trees gave us much enough shadows to cool ourselves while cycling there.

As mentioned it sometimes there was the nice path to go in the Kyoto Imperial Palace gardens. I often jog there too. I saw a mother ride her mama bicycle with her child on the way.

My elder daughter said to me, "When will get there?" She seemed to think that the way to the destination was somewhat long. I replied that we would be there soon after we get out of the forest in the Kyoto Imperial Palace garden.

I said to my youngest daughter in my back, "It was a beautiful scene, the Kamo River, right?" She replied, "Aw, yes." The destination was soon from the river. To be continued at the river.

Today's tips

I have been riding my mama bicycles through the year. Japan has four seasons of spring, summer, fall and winter. Summer is one of the best seasons to bike around. However, it's sometimes too hot to pedal along the streets under the strong sun shine. I will recommend you to go to a forest near your home. It's a good option not to avoid the heat but also to visit a wild life scene, which give a good circumstance to raise children.