We had a great time (Second half)

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Oct 1, 2016 16:58

This is a continuation from my last post. I had planned to have a special dinner at the hotel called Riga Royal Hotel Kyoto where my wife and I had our wedding party fifteen years ago. That day was our 15th wedding anniversary. Coincidentally, the hotel has been renovated last month. So the hotel was good enough to be chosen as the special dinner place.


The restaurant in he hotel was also fully renovated. All the served dishes looked very delicious. The dinner was all we could eat. There were over 50 kinds of foods and other sweets. So we took a variety of foods.

Furthermore my wife and I ordered a lot of glass of beer together.

My family fully enjoyed the special dinner at the new restaurant and we were very full !

It was good to get there by bicycle because we consumed the big fat after the dinner. Shuichi, Kyoto