Biking to a piano school with her

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Dec 17, 2014 08:46
I took my elder daughter to a piano school. Honestly speaking, she usually bikes there by herself. I had a day off at that day, and apparently I just biked there too. She has grown up and she already bikes alone. Time passes like an arrow. The piano lesson was only for half an hour. So I waited there until she finished the lesson. I waited. Then, my younger daughter appeared after nearly half an hour passed. She was taken there by my wife with our Mama Bicycle. She doesn't still bike there by herself. So I waited until when she finished her lesson too. Then, my elder daughter started self-lesson at the next room. I just listened her piano there. I felt that the grand piano sounded better than her piano. I said that to her. I don't know about piano at all. She said that the piano sometimes sounds strange compared to the other one in the next room. She player to let me listen to the sound. I didn't recognized the difference from the sound, but I but I recognized her growth. :)

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