Family Bike Ride to Mitarashi Matsuri Festival; Final The Night Ride

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Jul 30, 2014 05:41

This is the final post of the series of the Mitarashi Masturi Festival posts. I would like to write about 3 miles night bike journey from the Shimogamo Shrine to our apartment.

Here is the link to photos :

I chose the route along the Kamo River because there were no traffic signs to stop, and I thought biking along the river would be safer to my elder daughter who rode her bike by herself at night.

The river path was partly bright and partly dark. We lighted on while pedalling. I cycled first, and my elder daughter followed me, and my wife cycled at the end. ( Honestly, I didn't know how exactly I express such a simple phrase of 自転車のライトをつける in English, so I jsimply tried to use "light" for the meaning on this post. Could you give me the other proper word if I made mistake?)

The scene looked dark. My elder daughter followed me while lighting on.
Honestly, it was rather dark. If you haven't cycled there yet you had better to chose other routes. However, I knew the path well and there were no problems about our night bike ride.

You can't see anything when you see the dark scenes in the photos, but in fact, I could see the path more than you expect.

I also recognized that lightning on was quite necessary to identify people in the darkness. A few cyclists didn't light and I felt it was dangerous. My family and I just lighted and others could identified ourselves. You should light when you bike at night.

After one and half miles pedaling we arrived at the Kawaramachi area where a lot of people even gather along the river side. The bars and restaurant above the river are one of the most popular styles in Kyoto They are called Kawa-Yuka.

People enjoyed dinner at Kawa-Yuka along the Kamo River

We turned right on the Oike Bridge then went along Oike Street.This time, it was difficult to tell you about the night scenes in Kyoto. This is the end of the series of the weekend family event. Thank you for reading.

Today's tips

It's not always necessary for you to bike at night. However, toddlers and small children don't usually have a chance to bike and walk at night. I think there are two good things. First, the toddlers and children are willing to experience the night ride. Second, they will be familiar with the night scenes. Mama bicycles may help you to do it :)

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