The last sports meet in my home town in Kyoto

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Nov 25, 2013 04:50
This is a bit previous event which was held on early last month in Kyoto, but I would like to post about it today. I think many towns in Japan hold their local sports meet every fall, and my family usually participate in the town sports meet every year.

This is one of the precious events which would unite local people together in their activities. Honestly, it might be complicating to you, personally, I don't think I am always willing to be involved in every local event. Recently, people tend to avoid these community event simply because they are busy, or they prefer to spend time with their close friends or with their families. I usually do so. This is because I think it may be important to sometime participate in some local events to support/contribute to build a good local community. Can you understand what I mean and this thought?

Many people cycled to the place where they would play their races. As I mentioned about the transportation when you participate in some sports meet, a bike is very popular transportation to many participants in Kyoto.

Ah, in fact, the town spots meet was very successful when many participants seemed excited and enjoyed every race there, and I believe it should be maintained forever. To be honest, I was very nervous when I was waiting for my turn in relay.... But, it's didn't matter.

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