My Family Biked to a Family Restaurant on the Weekend (Sidewalks, Restaurants)

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Jul 31, 2014 04:57
As mentioned much, I always take my daughters to our usual cafe, Veloce on weekend. It's alright. My daughters and I like to eat and drink there. On the other hand, as might be expected, I sometimes change place for our weekend routine. I took them to a family restaurant called Gasto. (Some people already heard of the name, hehe)

Here is the link to some photos:

We rode our bikes along Oike Street. Oike street has the wide sidewalk and the sidewalk has been divided the path for pedestrians and the path for cyclists. I think that Japanese people, both pedestrians and cyclists/mamacharists, skilfully pass among many people when they use any sidewalks. Of course, I sometimes hear that there are collisions on sidewalks, however they are quite rare. On the other hand, I've become to see some foreign people riding rental bikes along the sidewalks without any problem. I personally think it's possible to co-use sidewalks among pedestrians and mamacharists outside of Japan. What do you think of this idea?

We then turned left on the Karasuma-Oike intersection. You can see bike lanes on the road of Karasuma Street. The bike lanes were painted probably last year and the bike lanes was the first practical bike lanes on the road in Kyoto. It just runs for half miles.

Instead of using the rare bike lane a lot of people, especially mothers, still ride their mama bicycles along the sidewalks. Adopting a new method takes a long time, right?

Anyway, we arrived at the family restaurant for half an hour. It's not far. My daughter and I parked our bikes on the corner of the restaurant building.

I noticed that the restaurant changed the interiors of the floors. It was neat.

We ordered our breakfast meal sets and fried potato with cheese. We also ordered free drink sets. I drank totally three cups of cafe au lait. The meal sets were delicious.

After breakfast my daughters began to do their homework and I

Caption: My daughters got toys at the restaurant.

Today's tips
I don't think you specially need to go to a restaurant by bike. On the other hand, you can do it, or you may be able to do it. Family restaurant is one of the optional destination when you ride a mama bicycle with your toddlers and small children. It's not a special destination