Her First Unicycle Ride On Street

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Jun 12, 2017 21:50

Caption: She sniled while riding an unicycle on the street for the first time.
My youngest daughter had been practicing riding a unicycle at school for several months. Last week she did want to ride it on street. Her sister's friend had an unicycle. She borrowed it, but the tire was flat. So I took it to my bikeshop to fix it.   


Caption: I lift the unicycle on my mountain bike handle bar to the bikeshop.
Last monrh she said to me that, "Today I tried to rode an unicycle from the jungle jim to the gate at school.", "Today I could reach out to the other gate.", "Today I rode it for 20 meters." Her need were sometimes injured, and she didn't care about them. Finally she tried to ride it outside her school.  

 At first, I'm afraid that she fall down immediately after she tried it. But her skill was good enough to successfully go on the street. She did as she had tole me. It was a great result from her effort. 

 I have stopped writing, talking to my friends in the internet.

My heart is not still good enough to talk with people flankly after my father passed away. I have been hesitating to write something on the internet. I might not have paid much to my parents so far. Now my mothr live alone. What I should so? I hope that I will gradually do something, write something and talk with people as I did.