Some bike scens on the way to a library from her abacus school

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Dec 29, 2014 07:55

This is a continuation of my previous post. My elder daughter was taking an exam at her abacus school at that day. My younger daughter and I went there when she finished the exam.

Other students biked there and my elder daughter did that, too. Now, abacus is not a practical calculation tool like a common electric calculator. However, abacus students may be able to learn something non-practical but something cultural and traditional in an abacus school. It's a bit interesting, isn't it?

I saw an old bike that I saw from seven years ago in front of an old Japanese restaurant. It was a bike for delivery. It seemed to have been used for thirty years. I saw another new Mama Bicycle also parked next the old bike, too.

When my elder daughter and I pedaled along a street to the library. I saw a brown Anjelino that I saw it for the first time five years ago. The brown Anjelino looked same for five years although it was parked in front of the house. Great.

Ten minutes later we arrived at the library.

There were a lot of bikes there.

A lot of parents took their children by their Mama Bicycles. To be continued at the library.

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