The Owl Cafe provides one of the best lunches in Kyoto ;)

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Apr 13, 2015 07:24
Last Sunday, not yesterday, my daughters and I went to our semi-usual cafe, Owl Cafe Kyoto. The cafe had its one year anniversary since it opened last year. My family always hoped it would successfully continue operations and it seems to do so from now. It offers very good meals and coffee and soft drinks. The homemade sandwiches are awesome and my elder daughter and I always order them. My younger daughter always prefers spaghetti meal set for child. That day I chose a sea food curry, which was also nice!.

We took the sandwiches, pasta and curry. We ordered cakes too. The cakes were also homemade by the owner. We ;love cheese cakes. My daughters didn't do their homework there, but my younger daughter draws some cartoons when she and I created its stories. It was fun. Have a nice cafe. That's all for today.

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