Family Bike Ride to Kawaramachi Kyoto 2/2 What was Our Destination ;)

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Jul 20, 2014 07:40

Morning, this is a continuation from my last post and here is the link to the post: I will copy and past the contents of the post. I would appreciate it if you would correct some of it :) I am going to go jog. Later.

-The contents

We found that a bike parking lot at Kawaramachi was full. We had to find another bike parking lot. I knew that there were another one ten minutes' away from that one.

As it might be expected there were a full of parked bikes in the other bike parking lot. Fortunately, there were just two spaces available. We hurried to put our bikes to each place.

Anytime you go to these public bike parking lots at Kawaramachi area you are supposed to encounter the same situation. Be patient to find a bike parking lot when you get there by bike :)

Caption: A mother was leaving and I hurried after her.

We walked toward our destination. It was Karaoke, hehe. This is also our routine, right?

You know the world famous movie Frozen. My daughters love it. My daughters loved to karaoke by the song, "Let it go". However, they were not able to choose another song from the music album of Frozen a month ago. It was a bit sad situation although they sang the song 20 times by turn.

I noticed that you would be able to sing more songs from the truck. For example, "For the First Time in Forever (Reprise)", "Do You Want Build a Snowman", "Love is an Open Door", and others. , Do You Wanna a Snowman, These options would be fantastic for my daughters and no doubt they sang all the available songs from Frozen.

We spent two hours. Time went by as fast as you took a roller coaster. It was worth to find the other bike parking lot to get there.

After that we went back home. It was a fun weekend.