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Dec 19, 2014 08:57
find the same down jacket on my mama bicycle blog. It was... eight years ago. At that day of the year, my family coincidentally followed my business trip. The top of the photos was of me and my oldest daughter riding bikes together for the first time. She was one year and five months old. Now she is ten years old. She is now ten years old.

Here are photos:

Hehe, she was very small. The photo was taken in front of the Imperial Palace in Tokyo. The place where the photos were taken, was always crowded with cars all day. However, there was no cars when my daughter and I rode our bikes there, it made us feel special. I can't remember the event in detail, which might have been made from time to time. .Her helmet was so cute!! We borrowed the bikes there. I was so nice to think about this memory after such a long time.