The second half of the Gion Matsuri Festival is being prepared

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Jul 21, 2014 08:21

Yesterday, I took my daughters to our usual cafe and then we went back home. On the way, we saw people building a festival vehicle called Minami Kannon Yama along Shinmachi Street. Here is the link to a post in my blog:

Caption: We cycled along Takoyakushi Street and turn left at Shinmachi Street.

As I told you about it on the previous posts the second half of the Gon Matsuri Festival (Parade) would be held specially this year. It was gradually prepared there.

Every telegram pole is still covered by the yellow safety net because the festival vehicles will be pulled this week again. The yellow nets help the festival vehicles safely proceed.

It rained, so they were assembling the wooden festival vehicle by hands while they covered blue vinyl sheet on it. Historically, the materials for the traditional vehicles are only wood and ropes. The work seemed to be tough.

Many of the festival vehicles have their toll poles to show not only the appearance greatly but also their historical features. Minami Kannon Yama 's pole is a pine tree. I don't know the reason specially, but each vehicle's pole is interesting enough to show each character.

The festival staff was cutting the pine tree to put it together the vehicle. My daughters and I felt that the Gion Matsuri would come back again with people around there.

Today's tips
Do you have any festival or even in your town? It might become a great journey not only for you but also for your child. You can pass by any narrow street by a mama bicycle with your child. The speed of pedaling is naturally not so fast as of a car, so it's easy to directly catch information from your real experience there. This is also the point to slowly ride a mama bicycle.