We rode our mama bicycle to Cafe Frosch

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Dec 31, 2016 18:00

It has been a month since I rode my mama bicycle with my youngest daughter. I was too busy to ride it. I took both of my daughters to Eigo night, an English community program at Cafe Frosch. People gathered there for talking each other in English. I usually took my eldest daughter to Cafe Frosch. That day my eldest daughter became a new member in the program. 

Eigo night is held on every Wednesday night. Some foreign people and some Japanese people come to the English program. Some of the foreign people can speak Japanese and some of the Japanese people can speak English. Mostly people speak in English. The topicks are randam. Everyone talks freely.  

Caption: Hanako from Canda always has a lot of fun to talk.

My eldest daughter attended the program ten times. She seems to develop her comunication skill gradually. My youngest daughter seemed to be nervous. But I hope that we will continue to particupate in the English program as possible as we can. This is probably the final post to Lang-8 and to my mama bicycle blog. Thank you for reading my post. I hope that you and your family have an amazing new year.  





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