Hope the NiCD battery will be helpful to the family.

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Aug 11, 2012 01:12
I shipped the new battery to a mother living in San Francisco before departing to Korea.

I took my youngest daughter to the Japan Post Office in Kyoto while carrying the luggage in the rear basket of my Mama Bicycle. I successfully ordered the shipment to it.

But, it was a same that the weight of the shipped battery was more heavy than I examined how the weight was before ordering it. Its weight should have been shown 1.5kg, but it was realistically 4.67kg. The EMS charge was more than expected. I told it to her. She seems to be happy to pay the charge. But, sorry for misinformed it to her beforehand.

Anyway, hope that it will be helpful to the mother and her daughter. They seem that they would wait for the extra battery. I will be glad if they will be able to use it happily.