The Morning Meals Again...

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Aug 3, 2012 05:00
I want to write kinda funny story....

It is not good. I know that. Because of the meal my weight should be increased. But I will jog and I never eat it every day. So please forgive me :) ( By whom? )

I took my daughters to the McDonald near the Shijyo-Karasuma intersection. Well I sometimes go there with them. I usually go to a cafe and coach their studies.

Look her smile. It worth coming here.

I will practically explain the biking and the breakfast. It is the nearest McDonald from my apartment. Within ten minutes' ride. And the fair meal is very attractive. And the room is very new, large and comfortable. No clerk says that "Please close your laptop for other customers" like Starbucks, which I like though. After having breakfast we can stay to study. As might be expected, I may have no choice.

Forgive me. ( well, By whom? )