Many Wonderful Street Vendors in the Forest

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Jul 21, 2012 11:19
My youngest daughter and I biked to the Shimogamo Shrine the other weekend.

She drank water in front of the Hiiragi Yashiro.

It was rather usual outing with my daughter. But I thought that there were more bikes that usual.

I found that there were a kind of festival in the forest. There were a lot of private street vendors. These street vendors are not similar to those at Gion Matsuri. Each private vendor brought their original things to sell.

This event is sometimes held here, and I think the more times they provide their products the more wonderful things are sold. This event is held approximate three times a year here. Please check it out only if you visit Kyoto in such timing.

The only shame thing was that I could not find a bag for my mountain bike. I missed buying the bike bag beforehand. I missed it again.