Two Cool Bikes and My Daughter's Re-freshness along Boulevards in Kyoto

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Jun 29, 2012 04:59
My daughter and I were strolling around some sidewalks of boulevards when it was weekend.

I will introduce two popular boulevards in Kyoto. One is Karasuma Street, and the other is Oike Street. Karasuma Street lines from south to north. On the other hand, Oike Street lines from west to east. They come across at the center area in Kyoto. Gion Matsuri will come soon. Many tourists will walk around the both roads in two weeks.

I saw two blackish bikes along the side walk of Karasuma Street. Both were made by Panasonic. Rear child/passenger seats were made by different companies, but they were both black ones. They were rather cool.

Then we biked along Oike Street, where many cyclists were biking as usual. I will ass a bit further explanation. Cyclists means mama-charists. Japanese people mostly ride mama charis, which never run faster than usual road bikes. That's why mama-charists and pedestrians are friendly on the sidewalk. I do think so.

She was sleepy. It was rather hot in the morning. So she drunk a canned drink there. She was refreshed.:) Ah, Re-freshness in the title was a appropriate phrase?




上の子は眠かったんです。朝からちょっと暑かったし。なので、缶ジュースを飲みました。彼女はリフレッシュできましたね。 えっと、Re-freshness というタイトルはあってるのかな?