She likes Mow, the Ice Cream. :)

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Jun 27, 2012 04:40
It is getting hotter in Kyoto as days pass. My daughters like an ice cream more than any food.

It was on weekend. I took my youngest daughter to a library. It is located near an apartment which we lived three years ago.

I have often gone to the library with my older daughter before the younger one was born. I used to buy an ice cream and eat it with me saying that this is a secret to your mother.

I bought an ice cream for the younger one at a convenience store on the way to the library. I told her that this was a secret to your elder sister. :)

I saw an green Anjelino made by Bridgestone there. I like the one because of the green color. I can recommend the one to every mother to try it.

Then we went to a library and sat on a usual stone when we eat the ice cream.:)