At a MacDonalds which recently opened at Shijyo Karasuma

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Jun 12, 2012 05:21
There are many MacDonalds in Kyoto as you often go their in your town. It exists everywhere. But this MacDonalds is a bit special for us in Kyoto.

Here is the link to a website which reads Gion Festival and a map. The map shows "How to get there", and Shijyo Karasuma is on the map. It may be a bit help for your understanding the area.

There have not been any MacDonalds around Shijyo-Karasuma which is a kind of core business area in Kyoto. I heard that some women said, "Wow, there is a MacDonalds in Shijyo Karasuma." I also thought it was a bit

Yes, this is a very local event. Sorry for anyone who is not interested in such a news.

My daughter and I went to the MacDonalds by my Mama Bicycle. The floor is large and beautiful. I secretly drank beer eating potato. We ate usual food but we could enjoy there.:)

Here is one more secret. The building has a bike parking lot. You can use it. But you easily fail to notice it. I want you to find it if you bike there by chance. :)