Making Curry By Ourselves

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May 8, 2012 02:12
My oldest daughter and I went to a butcher shop to buy a bunch of meet for curry. My youngest daughter was reluctant to go with us. So the front seat was vacant... But we bought vegitable and Beef and got them into the front basket instead.

I like this beef curry the most. I like to cook the curry by ourselves. My daughters are willing to help to cook the curry.

The curry is made by the following procedures. 1. Boil the beef. 2. Wash the boiled beef to get rid of the bad fat. 3. Boil the beef in a pressure pot. 4. Cut vegitables. 5. Boil the beef and the vegitables in the pressure pot. 6. Put a rue into the pot.
カレーは以下の手順で作ります。1.肉をゆでる。2.わるい油分をとるために洗う 3.圧力なべでゆでる。4.野菜を切る。5.肉と野菜を圧力鍋で煮る。6.ルーを入れる。

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