Our usual cafe is not only for my family, but...

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Feb 22, 2015 13:44
My daughters and I went to our usual cafe on Karasuma Street in Kyoto on the weekend. My elder daughter finished an abacus exam and got there by herself. My younger daughter and I went there from a bookstore where we bought her books for her birthday presents.

My daughters tried to read the book which sounds English words and phrases when they touch them on the book by a handy device. They seemed to be interested in the English practice, especially my younger daughter was more excited.

Then they started their usual extra-homework after breakfast.

I don't know how people efficiently study around the world, but not a few people study at a cafe. People have many attractive stuff like Play Station, iPhone, a tv, which allow them to relax too much. That's why some people tend to go to cafes to concentrate on their study there. Of course, my daughters are probably very young to come there, but they don't need to go to jyuku instead. Sorry, this is mama bicycle post, so I will avoid speaking about educational topic too much. if you have any interest in child's education you don't need to hesitate to throw any question to me ;) Anyway, mama bicycles help us to go everywhere in cities. ;)

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