Who rides my mama bicycle today?

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Aug 7, 2017 22:21
It's been a while. Here is the link to my mama bicycle today's post. http://mamabicycle.blogspot.jp/2017/08/who-rides-my-mama-bicycle-today.html  You can understand my post well when you go for the linked post. Thank you.

Caption: Who rides my mama bicycle? 

You can see three ladies on the photos. They was returning home after dinner outside. Who could you guess the mama bicycle rider was?  

You can see her face on the consecutive photo. She was as tall as the other woman walking on the side street with them. Here is the other photo that tells you the answer.

She also tried to pedal on 19th October 2010 although her sister actually tried it and she just sat on the mama bicycle. The answer was that the rider was my elder daughter. She has turned 13 years old. The walking woman was my wife and the other one was my youngest daughter.    

Now my youngest daughter also rides her own bike and we go to a library by bike every Saturday. I may not let them sit on my mama bicycle. It's shame. But I still be with my daughters.  

暫くです。今日のmama bicycleブログリンクです。これを見ればブログのことが良くわかります。どうもです。

ふきだし:mama bicycleに乗っているのは誰でしょう?