Family biking to Mall

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Feb 14, 2012 04:20
My family and I rode our bike to a Mall which was located at a west part of Kyoto city. I rode my Mama Bicycle with my youngest daughter. My wife rode our mountain-type bike and my oldest daughter did her own one. Another small thing, my youngest daughter wanted to sit in a rear seat.

We dropped by the Udon restaurant before departing. The prices were fair as usual. It was around noon when we was about to be off.

Why did we get there? The reason would be written later.
なぜモールへ? 理由は後ほど。

The distance was approximately four kilometers(2.4 miles) . It was rather long way for my oldest daughter to reach the goal. Nevertheless she was smoothly pedaling on the way.

It was cold as well. We stopped at a vending machine to buy some hot drink to rest. Surprisingly my eldest one wanted a cold bottled water.

She seemed to warmed herself when she was eager to pedal. She continued to take a water each ten minutes!

We were riding a bike along Gojyo Street, a part of Route one, a boulevard where pedestrians and mama-charists(cyclists) easily and comfortably ride.

We finally arrived at the destination in approximate forty minutes. We started shopping there for a certain reason. To be continues.
40分ほどして目的地に着きました。あることのために買い物をしたのでした。 つづく。