Jogging threough the Kyoto Imperial Palace Garden

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Oct 24, 2016 18:43
It's been almost a month since I last posted the last mama bicycle entry. This month I have been adujusting myself in a new environment. I've noticed how I'm facing the new environment mentally and phisically. Sometimes I'm confused and sometimes I'm calm.

I have been jogging for 20 years, almost every day. Jogging may have made me calm down when I'm confused and it probably be true.

I took some photos when I jogged through the Kyoto Imperial Palace Garden two weeks ago. I was thinking while jogging. Some good iseas came up in my mind. I really adopted some of the ideas on my new job.

Howevwe, one of the ideas had not been adopted. It was a private comunity on the picknick table in the Kyoto Imperial PlaceGarden. The table was covered by a lot of green in the forest.

I thought it would be wonderful for someone to come together under the trees and sit on the picnicktable. My daughter and I sometimes go to an English cafe where some foreign people and Japanese people talk each other in English. It's one of the best comunites for me and them.

On the other hand, the picnic table in the Place Garden would be the better place to come, for some people who like such a natural green atomosphere, at least in spring and in fall. It's the best season to go outside in Kyoto.

I think someday I call someone to go together there, with beer and food. :) 

I will jog from now as I have did, not every day.

I will publish mama bicycle posts, not every day, but I will.