A Wide Kick-stand I sawa alongside Oike Street in Kyoto

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Jul 13, 2014 07:39
Gion Matsuri is being ready. The night festival will soon start. A lot of people are willing to participating the big summer festival. I've published my today's post and here is the link to the post: http://mamabicycle.blogspot.jp/2014/07/a-wide-kick-stand-i-sawa-alongside-oike.html. I would appreciate it if you read it and correct some. Thank you in advance.

-The body

The kick-stand had a foot bar to practically use the lick-stand.
I saw a work bike for the post officer. It's a normal type of the posting service. The bike has a large red basket on the rear seat. There are a lot of post cars inside the basket. So the wide kick-stand is really helpful when a post man delivers the post cars. The foot bar helps him to stand the bike by the kick-stand easily according to the principal of a lever.

To tell you the truth, a mama bicycle has a much wider kick-stand. It is not only helpful by the theory of a lever but also safe by the wilderness of the kickstand.

Anjelino has the wide kick-stand

The theory of a lever plus wilderness

Basically, I can stand my mama bicycle while seating my daughters because of the safety wide kick-stand.

You can firmly stand a mama bicycle even when you seat a child on it to safely lift them up on.

Changing the subject, it was a nice weather along Oike Street. A lot of people cycled along. Of course some of them rode their mama bicycles.

I believe that Japan already has its greatest bike life in almost every street.