A Cat cafe

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Jan 31, 2012 08:37
I am late today while writing an entry today, I might be busy last night huh. Anyway, I will write about... a cat cafe. I had found some dog's cafes, however cat's was the first time.

How about the cat cafe? Is there any cat cafe around your home or office?
猫カフェってどうですか? お宅の周りや仕事場の近くにありますか?

My daughter and I found the cat cafe at Kawaramachi in Kyoto the other day.

To be honest I am not good/familiar with cats and dogs although they are often attracting not only others but also me.

My daughter also seems interested in cats and dogs but she also hesitate to touch them.

She looked the cats inside the cafe closely, I suggested that we would go inside, however, she replied "No.". ... It meant to be.

The cafe might be a relaxing place for many people although we gave up trying.