Seeming painful? ( A pierce through the nose)

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Jan 28, 2012 14:20
I want to know how we can express the situation when we saw a person take a "big" pierce on his/her nose. In fact I met a guy whose nose was cut through by a gig pierce like a picture.( I was able to search for many other pictures, however I am not able to post other than this.:) )

I thought いたそう! when I saw him. In such a situation, can I say(to myself) below phrases?

I want to say " I felt that he should feel painful with the pierce through his nose. "

And I want to cut the phrase shorter as possible as we can naturally. OK?

Ah, of course, I will never point my finger to him/her while saying it.

Seeming painful
His nose seems painful

Or any other your recommendation, please tell me. Thank you.
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