Streets in Kyoto City

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Jan 26, 2012 05:18
As you may have known I live in Kyoto. Needles to say, I always walk or ride a bike on the streets in my town.
ご存知でしょうか、私京都在住ですが。 言うまでも無く、住んでる町の道はいつも歩いたり、自転車にのります。

I want to talk a bit about the streets in Kyoto today.

Kyoto City has matrix of these streets. Historically, I think the matrix was formed at the Heian Period in 700's.

What I just want to say is that there are many streets closely and tightly lined from east to west and from south to north in Kyoto City.

I think it would be obvious that every street is usually very narrow especially the street would be compared to the street in the US or in any other city in the other country.

Nono-san, who visited Kyoto from the US last year said to me that the street in Kyoto was very efficient. I told her that the street was very narrow. However she praised its good functionality.

How do you feel about the efficiency? Do you thins so? It would be exactly true that there are many cars and pedestrians in almost 24 hours.

To tell the truth I don't especially like the street. And I don't hate the street. I just think the street is "narrow".

What do you think of the street in Kyoto? Thank you.
京都の道ってどう思いますか? どうも