Is this enough for Christmas?

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Dec 24, 2011 08:53
Ah, today is in the middle of three consecutive holidays in this season. As might be expected I woke up late today, hehe. However I will write about today's entry.

My oldest daughter and I rode our bikes to a certain shop yesterday. My wife and my youngest were on the other event that afternoon.
First we wondered where we should go for a moment. However we shortly agreed to go to the shop, where a nice cheese cake would sell.
The other day, three weeks ago, My daughters and I went strolling and then they found the taste of the cheese cake was wonderful. Who knows? Someone who read my entries might remember the story.
We aimed for the cake shop. On the way I found she got used to riding her bike better than before.
Around Kawaramachi area where a lot of people always go by we easily found the cake shop. We got the cake. I am looking forward to trying this one later. :)
Ah, is this cake enough for Christmas?, don't you? I think it would be nice although a typical cake for Christmas would be more decorated. :)