Yesterday was the final night festival day of Gion Matsuri. (Kyoto Japan)

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Jul 17, 2014 05:11

Caption: A lot of people walked along Karasuma Street on the second night walk of Yoi Yoi Yama

Here is the link to a post and I pasted the of the post below. It's a long body, sorry.

Yesterday was the final night festival day of Gion Matsuri. A lot of people walk along every street in the central area of Kyoto on the sequential three days. The more the day passes the more people gather during the period. To tell you the truth, I said that I failed to participate in the second day of the night walk festival the day before yerterday and I walked back home at 9:30 P.M. However, there were still a tremendously lot of people walking around. The top three photos show the second day festival. I only drank a can of red eye while walking at that time.

Yesterday was the final. I stopped my work quickly at 6:00 P>M and went out of my office to the street.

My colleague and I walked out and started drinking! This is the festival. We walked along Shijyo Street westward. From 6 p.m. only pedestrians were allowed to pass. There were already ten thousands of people walked around.

Caption:Kanya-Boko(Hoko) on Shijyo Street

Caption:Tuki-Hoko on Shijyo Street

My colleagu and I walked, stopped, drank, bought something food and drink, walked, stopped talking and drank. It's a good idea to stand besides something to place beer and food. This is a instant bar on the street. We stopped and built the next instant bar on the street next to a supermarket. Furthermore, a festival vehicle stood next to us.

Caption: My colleague and I made an instant bar :) on Shijyo Street

Caption: My daughter and her friends also gathered at the instant bar

In some time, my daughter and her friend gathered at the place where we were. Then, some festival staff started their festival procedure to show. I didn't expect the event would be held. A lot of people gathered to watch it. Yeah, I could enjoy the historical play with the huge number of audiences. Then my daughter and her friends

Caption: An historical procedure of the festival occurred in front of me while drinking

After the excited event my colleague left and my daughters and I walked eastward. I noticed the fact that there were few garbage on the street. I know well that few Japanese people thrown any garbage on streets and every street are always beautiful in general. However, almost all the walkers drank and ate something. It would be usual suspect that there would be disgusting bad stuff on the streets in such a festival day. However, there were no garbage in the picture. Great.

Caption: There were few/no trash and garbage on Shijyo Street. Great.

Caption: Shijyo Street was being completely occupied by people

I lost my daughters soon because I could not walk fast carrying my carry bag. I managed to catch them, when they ate ice with colorful sweet sugar liquid.

Again, this night walk festival was fantastic. I hope you will also participate in it!