My family went to a swimming pool while the second Gion Matsuri was ready!

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Jul 22, 2014 04:51


I am going to go jog at this moment. I've just published a post and here is the link to the post:, and I copy and past the contents of the post. I would appreciate it if you would correct some of the contents. Thank you in advance. :)

-The contents

Yesterday, Minami Kannon Yama was completed to be built. The pine tree pole soared to the sky. Some beautiful tapestries were decorated on the festival float. The float,s big blackish wooden wheels were also attached. I was completely able to feel that the second festival parade was really ready. Gradually people got to walk besides the festival floats/vehicles which were standing by for the great parade in three days. As for my family, we passed by the festival float and headed for our yesterday destination. We were going to a swimming pool. This was the second time to go swimming with my daughters during this summer. My younger daughter started training of swim at YMCA, so I expected her to swim a bit longer than she did last time. The summer is completely here in Kyoto, so when the sun shined we felt strongly hot. We chose a route to the destination via Kyoto Station. We then cycled along the street where the Touji Temple was located. We finally got to the destination called Health-pia 21. We spent two hours there. She could swim a bit better than before even though she couldn't take a breath while swimming yet. We could successfully enjoyed the weekend. I feel thankful to that.

Today's tips

I often take my daughters not only to near places around our apartment but also to far places which are within 3 miles. A swimming pool is a typical destination where children are excited and parents are also excited especially when they see their children swim. The parents are also the swimming trainers of their children. Of course, we can talk on the way, all the time. You are promised to pass a great time with children.
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