Shijyo street and Anjelino

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Oct 24, 2011 05:12
It was a fine day . I was walking along Shijyo street, which was at the center in Kyoto city.
I saw a Anjelino made by Bridgestone parked at a traditional Japanese style shop. I would like to talk about the street and the Mama Bicycle.

I may not tell this entry well-compactly or easily. Let me write in such a way.

Sijyo street is very usual for me because I have walked on the street for over fifteen years. If I introduce the street I can't stop writing such a phrase first. But it explains nothing for people who live outside Kyoto,doesn't it?... The street is always crowded. The road runs from east to west. It is difficult to explain it because it seems to have varieties of characters. Gion festival is held on the street...

On the other hand, Anjelino was parked as it suited with the traditional Japanese wooden house of Kyoto. I sometimes the Anjelino parked at the same place. The bike is very popular type of Mama Bicycles which I have seen. It has the advanced front basket for a child seat and many stable functions for safe ride for mothers. Hmm, that is all for today.