Practicing for an athletic meet at an elementary school.

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Sep 30, 2011 05:03
To tell the truth, I took a day off yesterday, so I went to my daughter’s elementary school to pick her up from Shinpukan that afternoon . Ah, I published the latest entry on my bicycle blog with many pictures so please take a look.
実は昨日は休みをとったので、午後 新風館から上の子をむかえに小学校までいきました。えっと、このまえの日記をたくさんの写真とともに自転車ブログにアップしたのでちょっと覗いてください

At the school some parents also were coming there to pick up their children riding their Mama Bicycles.

It is fully autumn here. Many students still were practicing for an athletic meet next Sunday at the ground.

A Lang-8 friend wrote that he first experienced an athletic meet as an elementary school teacher in Japan. He also wrote that he had not seen such kind of competitions like Tamaire, Tsunahiki.

Of course I have never seen the athletic meet outside Japan. I think Japanese athletic meet has more group competitions than outside Japan.

After watching the practice for a while my older daughter left her class and we met in front of the ground. We went to a certain place by our bikes after that. I will write the bike ride tomorrow.